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Welcome to my very first blog post. Some background information regarding my website starts off with one of the courses I am taking this year called CT 101. Now what is it? It is a Digital Storytelling course which has taught me how to use digital tools to create diverse digital “personas”. We are encouraged to design and build an online identity and express our overall process throughout the semester. We have learned how to use and create both memes and gifs. Who would have thought it would be so easy and lots of fun. Now whenever I want to express I feeling I can’t help but use gifs, even when texting.

I was overthinking what type of website I wanted to make with much thought I landed on Alejandra’s Creativity. I know so much originality! But without the sarcasm I think that this website we help me get back to being social and might even get someone even if it’s one person interested on either photography, music, news or podcasts.

Gif made by me 🙂

Well I hope that my first post wasn’t boring and feel free to interact with me. Just by saying hello or maybe you looked at my one of my recommendations and want to comment on them, feel totally free!

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  1. Looks like we have some similarities in our websites! 😀 It was not boring at all. All the best for your further content!

  2. Hey, great work here. I felt the same way as well. It takes some time to think about the topics you want to write about. But for sure, looking at your website, I can tell you that the stress and the overthinking paid off. I like the Recommendation section with all the podcasts and the music section. Also, excellent work on making the home page simple and unique.

  3. I love the vibrance of your website. I think it was smart of you to include a recommendation section into your site because it allows you to be creative and live off of your sites meaning!

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