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As I was scrolling through TikTok a video came up that caught my attention. It was a girl reading her poetry but with a video on the actual screen, in other words she was doing a voice-over. I loved that it was in Spanish and English (although mostly in Spanish), I feel as if it was speaking to many people that could have gone through similar situations. The tone of her voice was also very soothing and calming.

Translation: Titled- Dream House

I want a house where silence exist because while growing up there wasn’t any in mine. I want a house small and warm with windows that I won’t have to open to be able to breathe. My favorite sound will be the peace. I’ll forget the sound of my mother throwing glass bottles at my dad. I’ll never think of my father crying and laughing or my mother angry and laughing. I’ll never have to cover my ear or scream so they’ll stop and run to me. I don’t care if the house is not big as long as the love that I didn’t see fits. My father became a ghost, the plants on my mother’s garden became brown. When I went to college all my plants died because I myself wanted to die. When I have a house, the younger version of myself will be happy. We will have plants that we’ll water with water and not tears. And together we’ll enjoy the silence that we couldn’t have as a child.

A bit more about the writer of the poetry, her name is Vianney. She’s from Tijuana, San Diego. Apart from having a TikTok she also has a jewelry business. Many of her other poetry videos are similar, her poetry is very strong worded and has a lot of meaning. Not to mention that many of them are related to healing her inner child.

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  1. Hey Alejandra, I really enjoyed your Poetry on TikTok post because there’s such a deep meaning behind what Vianney says. I also relate to the wanting of a house where silence exist.

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