Slow Falling

Screenshot of Ali's Instagram page.

The TikTok algorithm sometimes works in mysterious and random ways but the “for you page (FYP)” consist of similar videos you’ve already liked and engaged with. So I guess this video came up to my feed for a reason or it just became very popular. Well whatever the reason is, I liked it even to want to share it. The poet is Ali Ibrahim-Hirji and he released his first poetry book on October 24, 2021 titled Slow Falling.

Screenshot of Ali’s TikTok video.

“And I guess the day has finally come to me
Where a life without you, is one that is happy
And it has taken me many nights to finally understand this
But i feel that now I am truly living for myself again
I don’t look for you in the smiles of strangers,
I don’t hear your laugh in a crowded room
And i don’t have to skip that song anymore,
the one we used to dance to in the kitchen
I don’t miss you.
And that’s something strange to admit
Because I have missed you and only you for so long
But not today
Today I don’t even miss me because I am right here
Present in my love and life
And although it took me a few more chapters than I thought
I am here
And ready to turn your page”

I really liked this poem because it was about learning how to love yourself again and just be comfortable being alone after a relationship. Especially when the person had a hard time getting over their ex-partner. I think it was very helping for others that have gone through it, are going through it or/and for people that might have had trouble putting their feelings into words.

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